Architecture Word of the Day


An occasional word definition relating to architecture will appear on a whim…

Or, suggest a word…


2 thoughts on “Architecture Word of the Day

  1. I looked up your blog after seeing the photo of the Milwaukee Art Museum pavilion. A very nice photo shot low, and interesting to me as I saw this space for the first time in September. In the 60’s I worked for Alden Dow in Midland, and managed to work in a few visits to Cranbrook – such a magnificent place. Nor far from me is (I live in Memphis) iSt. Louis and the Meeting of the Waters Fountain by Carl Mille. Every time I am there, I photograph that fountain, as it is just wonderful. If you email me, I will send you some of those images.

    Best wishes with your photography and haiku, and of course whatever architectural projects you manage to land. I just closed a ten year partnership back in the spring and am in the process of reinventing myself. Cheers – Clark

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